Molly Meldrum apologises for exposing himself at a Rod Stewart concert

TV legend Molly Meldrum is “embarrassed” and “sorry” for exposing and relieving himself in front revellers at a Rod Stewart concert in Melbourne. 

In footage obtained by Daily Mail Australia, the Countdown star can be seen pulling out his genitals and urinating on the floor while seated amongst the crowd at Rod Laver Arena on Wednesday night. 

Meldrum’s assistant Alan Evers-Buckland provided more detail surrounding the bizarre incident as he told the music critic was remorseful for his behaviour.

“I took Molly along with my mother and a friend who helps with Molly (a paramedic) to the Rod Stewart concert last week,” he said. 

“We have a dedicated and wonderful team of people that care for Molly.

“Unfortunately you can’t control everything or see everything no matter how dedicated you are or vigilant you are.

“Molly is embarrassed and of course sorry. He has given so much. He needs our love and support.”

The incident comes less than two months after Meldrum issued an apology for mooning fans at an Elton John concert, in a stunt that made national headlines. 

Addressing Meldrum’s latest shock act, Entertainment Reporter Peter Ford told 2GB the TV legend has not been himself since his near-fatal fall from a ladder in 2011. 

“He has an acquired brain injury, we have to accept that,” he said.

Mr Ford said while Meldrum’s judgement “has been impaired” and he needs to be adequately supervised during public outings.

“I do think they’ve got to look at what’s happening when he goes out on these excursions, because he’s not being supervised enough or he’s not taking that supervision or guidance,” he said.

“It’s not like he’s turning up at these events on his own.”

In January the Hey Hey it’s Saturday star shocked revellers when he dropped his pants and flashed his derrière as John performed The B**h Is Back.

The saga deepened days later when obtained vision of the music critic mooning the crowd at the ChillOut Festival in Daylesford in March last year. 

Meldrum was sitting down in a chair onstage before got up and began pulling his pants down. 

Another man was speaking into a microphone when he yelled out: “Close your eyes everyone”. 

His bizarre antics copped criticism from Samuel Johnson, who claimed the music critic pulled a similar stunt back in 2017 when the actor was awarded a Gold Logie for his portrayal of Meldrum in the miniseries Molly.

“I told him specifically not to come up on stage, he wasn’t nominated. It was my moment. I wanted to make it about cancer and he wanted to make it about the network,” he said.

“He ended up coming up to the Gold Logie and my million-dollar moment was gone. He warbled in a very drunken fashion for eight whole minutes. 

“Now I’ve seen him do it again at the Elton John concert. Maybe it’s time to hang up your hat mate.

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