‘I’ve been there and done that’: Princess Kate reveals she and Prince

Princess Kate has confirmed that she and Prince William have no plans to have a fourth child.

The Princess of Wales was helping fold second-hand newborn clothes at The Baby Bank near her home in Windsor on Monday, when the charity’s CEO told her many people want a baby when they see the tiny garments.

Kate laughed and responded, “I’ve been there and done that,” according to The Mirror .

The 41-year-old told staff at the donations centre she couldn’t believe how fast her three kids were growing up, mentioning her youngest child Prince Louis had turned five on Sunday.

“It only feels like yesterday that they were this tiny. They do grow so quickly,” the Princess of Wales said.

Kate then spotted a large pile of boxes donated by Mattel containing Buzz Lightyear toys and shared that her daughter Princess Charlotte, whose birthday is next week, is “a huge fan of Toy Story”.

The charity’s co-CEO Lauren Hall told The Daily Mail after the royal visit that Kate wants to bring Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George with her next time she visits The Baby Bank.  

“I said I would bring my five-year-old to play with Louis. They can keep each other occupied,” Ms Hall told the UK publication.

 “I think Louis here would be awesome. They can choose which toys the children should have.”

Meanwhile, Princess Beatrice’s daughter Sienna Mapelli Mozzi has made her first appearance on social media to the delight of royal fans, with Princess Eugenie sharing the first photo of her niece on Instagram to celebrate World Earth Day.

The only child of Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapella Mozzi was captured spending time with her two-year-old cousin August at London Zoo.

Sienna donned a cream-coloured fleece jacket, light blue denim jeans and black boots as she stood looking at the penguins with Eugenie’s son.

“August and his cousin Sienna love going to the London Zoo,” Princess Eugenie captioned the picture.

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