‘Genuinely sorry’: United Kingdom Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab

The United Kingdom’s Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has resigned following an investigation into bullying complaints.

Late last year allegations about his behaviour came to light, after a former staff member said he created a “culture of fear”.

Several more accusations emerged in the weeks that followed.

The investigation, which he requested, was subsequently launched after he received two formal complaints against him.

In a letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who received the report earlier, Mr Raab tendered his resignation but raised several concerns.

“I called for the inquiry and undertook to resign, if it made any finding of bullying whatsoever. I believe it is important to keep my word.

“It has been a privilege to serve you as Deputy Prime Minister, Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor.

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work as a Minister in a range of roles and departments since 2015, and pay tribute to the many outstanding civil servants with whom I have worked.”

Mr Raab said that although he felt “duty bound” to accept the outcome of the inquiry, he noted that all two claims against him were dropped.

He added that found the two adverse findings “flawed” and that setting the threshold for bullying so low, this inquiry has set a dangerous precedent.

“First, Ministers must be able to exercise direct oversight with respect to senior officials over critical negotiations conducted on behalf of the British people, otherwise the democratic and constitutional principle of Ministerial responsibility will be lost,” he said.

“Second, Ministers must be able to give direct critical feedback on briefings and submissions to senior officials, in order to set the standards and drive the reform the public expect of us.”

He also said that the report concluded he never swore, shouted or physically intimidated anyone.

“I am genuinely sorry for any unintended stress or offence that any officials felt, as a result of the pace, standards and challenge that I brought to the Ministry of Justice,” he said.

“It will encourage spurious complaints against Ministers, and have a chilling effect on those driving change on behalf of your government – and ultimately the British people.”

Prior to the resignation, Mr Sunak expressed “full confidence” in Mr Raab but was “carefully considering the findings of the report”.

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