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Introducing Ather Energy Pro subscriptions and a price drop on Ather

There’s no better time to get the Ather 450X


The long-awaited Ather 450X has finally dropped in price and is better than ever! As the company states, the scooter is designed for those craving performance, reliability, and durability. This scooter is a game-changer in electric vehicles.

A new price has been announced for Ather Energy’s 450X electric scooter. Currently available for Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom, Bangalore, FAME II subsidy included). The 450 Plus variant is gone, now just the 450X. The Pro Pack option adds Rs.30,364 to the price of the standard version. This brings the price of the top model scooter to Rs.1.45. That’s about Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 less than it was before. But this announcement does not end there.


Price reduction of Ather 450X

Ex-showroom price including charger INR 1,71,983/-
Pro Pack (Optional) INR 30,260/-
FAME II incentives (reduction) INR 55,500/-
State subsidy (reduction) INR 18,300/-
Final Price INR 98,183/-
Pro Pack INR 1,28,443/-


As you can see these prices are based in Delhi, and government subsidies are provided as per Delhi government programs. Therefore, prices and subsidies may vary from state to state.


Ather goes one step further and introduces the Pro Pack, allowing the rider to upgrade the 450X in three key areas. Charging, wireless connectivity, smarts, and convenience.


Updated charging offers

With the Pro Pack, you can charge your scooter from 0% to 80% in just four hours and thirty minutes by using the included charging cable. This is done by purchasing an extra charger that allows fast charging from a 5A socket. “It also provides access to Ather’s network of over 1,300 public fast-charging stations across the country, allowing you to power your scooter at up to 1.5km/min,” the company said on a community forum.


Upgraded connectivity and smart features from Ather

In terms of connectivity and smart features, the Ather 450X features a 7-inch color TFT touchscreen with 16 million colors (resolution, context, clarity), with dark and light themes. Take advantage of “Always On 4G LTE and GPS” and built-in Google Maps navigation with live traffic view. Also includes access to Ather apps for remote charge monitoring, ride stats, savings tracker, and more. And with Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, you can answer/reject calls and control music playback on the go.


Ather comfort feature upgrade

Finally, what sets the Ather 450X apart is its convenience features. Choose from five driving modes – Eco, Smart Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp – to customize your ride for any scenario. The True Range display informs you of the scooter’s remaining range. Additionally, OTA updates keep your vehicle up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Auto Hold, Reverse Assist, Guide Me Home Lights and Auto Cut-off indicators make driving safer and more comfortable than ever before. And with the optional Ather TPMS accessory, you can remotely monitor tire pressure and receive unsafe tire pressure alerts and puncture alerts.

Ather guarantees

All these features come with a 5-year or 60,000 km Premium Battery Warranty for guaranteed performance. Those who want more out of their ride can get the Pro Pack, which makes your ride more convenient and smart. The Ather 450 Plus is in the pipeline and the 450X is currently offered at an introductory price of Rs. 98,183 (formerly Showroom, Delhi). Additional features such as a faster home charger are available as a Pro package or add-on.

Existing users won’t be affected

Owners of the Ather scooter will remain unchanged with the following changes in terms of charging, comfort, and smart features on their scooters.

New Ather Scooter pricing and features

There is no doubt that Ola scooters are directly responsible for this price drop. A few days ago, Ola reduced its S1 Pro price to Rs. 1,24,999/- To solidify its lead against Ola, Ather has slashed the scooter price even further and added some surprising features.


Ather Scooter Specifications


The Ather 450X is yet another example of Ather Energy’s commitment to raising the bar for electric scooters in the Indian market. Ather’s 450X is a testament to its commitment to sustainable mobility, as well as its sleek design and innovative features. A smarter way to move, the Ather 450X is perfect for performance enthusiasts and everyday users alike.



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