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CUTELULY 4K Video Camera Camcorder 48MP UHD 60FPS WiFi IR Night Vision Vlogging Camera for YouTube 16X Digital Zoom Camera with External Microphone, Lens Hood, Stabilizer, Remote Control, 2 Batteries

Price: $149.99
(as of May 03, 2024 00:04:18 UTC – Details)

Product Description

4K Video Camera Camcorder4K Video Camera Camcorder

Why should you choose CUTELULY video camera camcorder?

(1)Supports 4K(60FPS) AVI video resolution, 48MP image resolution and 16X digital zoom

(2)Comes with external microphone, lens hood, foldable handheld stabilizer and remote control.

(3)3.0 inch 270° rotation touch screen

(4)2 in 1 Camcorder: Video camera can be used as a webcam.

(5)Pause Function: Pause or resume recording under the same file.

(6)Recording while charging without worrying about running out of battery power.

(7)Multiffunction such as IR night vision, time lapse, slow motion, beauty function, self-timer, anti-shake, smile capture, auto power off, TV output, 12 languages for choose and so on.

(8)Supports SD card up to 128GB and tripod (No included in package).


CUTELULY Computer Camera (YouTube / TikTok / Facebook / Webcast)

1. This 4K vlogging camera can be used as a webcam for YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or make video calls with family and friends; you can also connect the camera to a high-definition TV via an HDMI cable to play high-definition photos and videos.

2. This video camera is very suitable for travel, meetings, study and family gatherings, to record wonderful and beautiful moments.

video cameravideo camera

How to use WIFI function?

To download the app for the first time:

Wi-Fi cannot directly connect to the router, please search the “RoadCam” app in Google play and download it. (Phone or tablet with Android 2.2 or iOS 6.0 and above.)

Then open the WIFI connection:

Keep the camera in standby mode after powering on, press and hold MENU/WIFI for 3 seconds to turn on the WIFI signal source. The camera screen displays the WIFI name and password.

Check the WIFI settings on your phone or tablet, find the WIFI source name displayed on the camera, click connect and enter the WIFI password displayed on the camera.

Connect APP and camera.

After the connection is successful, the user can operate the camera through the application.


Webcam capability and HDMI output

CUTELULY 4k camera comes with HDMI cable. The camera can not only be connected to a TV via HDMI cable to play videos and photos, but can also be used as a webcam.

Suitable for video calls and live broadcasts. Once connected to your PC, select PC Camera and press OK to complete the setup. Whether you’re shooting short videos or documenting your travels, a video camera is a great tool.


Multifunctional camera that brings unlimited fun to your life

Camera has the function of recording while shooting. Even during outdoor activities, you can use a mobile power supply (not included) to charge the camera. There’s no need to worry about your camera running out of battery and not being able to record the beautiful moments with friends.

Slow motion feature helps you capture stunning slow-motion videos, allowing you to capture moments in incredible detail and play them back in ultra-slow motion. And the Pause function that lets you capture seamless video without editing.

Time-lapse recording function can see the growth of plants or the slow change of objects, presenting a stunning and wonderful scene that cannot be detected by the naked eye. Camcorder also supports selfies and has a beauty function to make the photos you take more beautiful.



(1) Please turn off the camera before replacing the memory card.

(2) The memory card (SD card not included) needs to be formatted for first use.

(3) Due to compatibility issues, it is not recommended to use other brands of external microphones.

(4) This camera is an amateur camera and is not suitable for professional users.

【4K HD Video Resolution, 48MP Image and WIFI】 The camera has HD 4K video resolution and 48MP image resolution. Every detail is perfectly captured. The WIFI camera can realize remote viewing, image acquisition and video shooting. Download the “RoadCam” APP to easily connect Android/iOS smartphones and tablets. Then you can browse images through mobile devices, transfer, share movies and photos, or remotely control the camera through the App.
【Webcam Camera & External Microphone】 The 4K camera has the function of a webcam. Connect the camera to the computer through a Type-C cable to convert the camera into a webcam. You can use it to make video calls with your family or friends. The digital video camera is equipped with a high-quality X-Y stereo external microphone, which can reduce noise and enhance audio and video quality. It is suitable for seminars, media interviews, courseware recording, conference speeches, etc.
【IR Night Vision & 16x Digital Zoom】 The digital video camera has a 16x digital zoom function, which can zoom in from a distance according to the distance of the subject. When in low light, just press the “OK” button to start the night vision function. This YouTube video camera with night vision, allowing you to take clear white/black photos or videos in the dark.
【Multifunctional Camera & Recording While Charging】 Multifunctional camcorder with with 270 degree rotation, 3.0-inch HD touch screen, self-timer, slow motion, pause, loop recording, time recording, multi-language switching and other functions, this camera supports side-by-side Record while charging, perfect gift for festivals, weddings, parties and important events for your family, friends and leaders.
【Lens Hood & Remote Control & Handheld Stabilizer】 The 4k camcorder is equipped with a lens hood, which can filter out excess stray light and prevent lens flash caused by extraneous light. With the remote control, you can take photos and videos within a range of 16 feet (5 meters). The foldable handheld stabilizer can fix the camera, allowing the 4k camera to keep recording steadily, making the quality of videos and images higher and more perfect.